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Everything DiSC

DiSC has its long history based in psychological research and measures people's preferences and tendencies. What it does not measure is skills or abilities as this is a result of training. The Everything DiSC suite of assessments is a tool for dialog, not diagnosis and is not a validated selection tool. By understanding yourself you can take the first steps to becoming more effective when working with others, and by learning about other's DiSC styles, you can better understand their priorities and how they may differ from your own and improve the quality of your workplace by building more effective relationships.

Millennial Center of Excellence offers 4 unique DiSC assessments, all centered around the DiSC map above. These are DiSC Workplace, DiSC Sales, DiSC Management, and DiSC Work of Leaders. These assessments can be given to a team or just one individual.

Everything DiSC Workplace Map

DiSC Workplace

DiSC Workplace centers around the behaviors and tendencies of those you work with. It gives you the chance to see what your natural tendencies are and how best to communicate and interact with your coworkers. We will go through your profile in-depth and help you come up with a plan to change the things you don't like and reinforce the things that you do.

Not only will we help you see and understand your style, but we will help you identify other's styles and show you how to better interact with each. This leads to better workplace communication and team work as well as an increase in productivity.

DiSC Sales

For those in sales, find out why you sell the way you sell and how your customers see you. By understanding this you can interact more effectively with your customers and close more sales. We will help you identify the sales traits that you don't like and help you change them and reinforce the ones you do like.

Plus, we will also show you how to identify the different types of customers, what's important to them, and how to better interact with each. By interacting with them the way they want to interact you drastically increase your close rate.


DiSC Work of Leaders

Managers lead people, Leaders lead organizations (ok, people too but you get the idea.) Find out how you as a leader and your leadership team can help your organization navigate change and adversity. Coupled with DiSC Workplace and/or DiSC Management, the combination make for an organization- transformation tool.

We will show you the traits of successful leaders, help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and come up with a plan to get where you want to be as a leader.

Work of Leaders Map_1
DiSC Management Model

DiSC Management

What type of manager are you and how do your people perceive you? These are the questions DiSC Management aims to answer. When coupled with DiSC workplace it makes for a very powerful tool!

Whether you are trying to improve your management skills or those of your managers, we will work with you to show you the traits you display, how to change the ones you don't like, and come up with a plan to improve management across the organization and increase productivity.

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